At least 17 children have been killed after a train crashed into their school bus at an unmanned railway crossing in Telangana a state in the Southern region of India Thursday morning. The bus driver, who was allegedly on the phone and failed to see the advancing train, was also killed.
40 children of a private school, mostly below the age of 11, were in the bus when the accident took place in the Medak district, 70 kilometres from the state capital of Hyderabad.
The police say 21 children have been injured in the accident and hospitalized.
The accident sparked anger among locals, who say they have been asking for gates to secure the railway crossing in the district.




India will provide four new vaccines (theguardian)

India will provide four new vaccines (theguardian)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said India will provide four new vaccines free of cost as part of a programme to reduce child mortality in the country.
The four new vaccines will combat rotavirus, rubella, polio and Japanese encephalitis. The move brings to 13 the number of free vaccines provided against life threatening diseases.
Diarrhoea caused by rotavirus kills nearly 80,000 children each year and results in up to a million hospital admissions in India.
Regular outbreaks of encephalitis also kill hundreds of children every year.
Though India was declared polio free in March, an injectable polio vaccine will be introduced to provide protection to the population against the virus.