Tapas Pal Indian MP (timesofindia)

Tapas Pal Indian MP (timesofindia)

Tapas Pal, an Indian MP who threatened to kill opposition workers and have women raped has apologised, saying it was a “gross error of judgement”.
Pal made the controversial comments warning the rival Communist party while addressing his party supporters weeks ago, but a video clip of his comments emerged for the first time Monday when it was aired on Bengali news channels.
Pal’s statement has led to widespread outrage in India and his party Trinamool Congress TMC, which is the ruling party in the eastern state of West Bengal, has distanced itself from his comments.
Opposition parties and the National Commission for Women have also condemned his comments.
Pal, said in a statement that some of the remarks made by him in the heat of the election campaign have caused dismay and consternation and apologised unreservedly for them.
Earlier Pal, who is also a local film actor, had denied using the word rape, but in the video, he is clearly heard using the word while assuring TMC workers that their political rivals will not be able to harm them.



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