Eritrean President (voanews)

Eritrean President (voanews)

A Swedish law firm has reported many top Eritrean leaders including President Isaias Afewerki to the police for crimes against humanity, as a new law took effect enabling crimes committed anywhere else in the world to be prosecuted in Sweden.
The legal move, the first of its kind in Sweden, was filed the same day that crimes against humanity were introduced into the Swedish penal code and enables judges to prosecute crimes regardless of where they have been committed or by whom.
Human rights lawyer Percy Bratt said there was a lot of evidence from human rights groups, particularly about indefinite imprisonment without trial.
He added that if even the case is taken up by the prosecutors, it could take years before criminal charges are laid, given the complexity of the cases.
Eritrea, with a population of five million is one of the most isolated and secretive countries in the world.
According to the United Nations, over 4,000 Eritreans flee yearly to escape ruthless repression.



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